Awesome Real Estate Investing Books for Canadians


Books for Canadian real estate investors

Looking to dive into the real estate market? That’s great because not only is investing in real estate a great way to build future wealth and security, but there’s also a ton of information waiting for you in books that cater specifically to real estate investing in Canada. Whether you’re an investor or just starting out, this list of books for Canadian Real Estate Investors provides valuable insights into the local investment landscape, laws and best practices.

Check out this curated list of Books for Canadian Investors:

1. **Real Estate Investing in Canada** by Don R. Campbell;
*Summary*; This comprehensive guide covers everything Canadian investors need to know about real estate investing, including market analysis and financing strategies.

2. **Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle; An Investors Guide** by Don R. Campbell, Kieran Trass and Greg Head; *Summary*; Dive into the intricacies of the real estate market with this book that helps investors understand market cycles and make well informed decisions.

3. **Real Estate Joint Ventures** by Russell Wescott and Don R. Campbell;
*Summary*; For those in ventures this book offers valuable insights on how to structure successful partnerships within the real estate sector. This is one of the best books on joint ventures that I’ve read for Canadian real estate investors.

4. “The RRSP Secret” by Greg Habstritt and Fraser Smith; This book explores the potential of your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) as a tool for creating wealth through real estate investment.

5. “Location, Location Location; The 7 Keys to Real Estate Profits” by Ozzie Jurock; Emphasizing the importance of location in real estate investments this book offers advice on finding the right properties.

6. “Rental Property Investing by Brendan Turner; This book, part of “The Bigger Pockets” series of books is written with US investors in mind as Brendan lives in the United States, but the overarching themes still hold true for Canadian investors.

If you’re looking for recommendations check out the Canadian Real Estate Magazines list of must read books for Canadian investors. Whether you’re aiming for independence or expanding your investment portfolio these books offer insights and strategies to succeed in the Canadian real estate market.

Enjoy reading and successful investing!

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