The Ultimate Property Tour Checklist: 10 Must-Check Features!


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Are you gearing up to tour some properties? Awesome! But before you get swept away in your property tours by that charming bay window or that oh-so-perfect kitchen island, let’s chat about the nitty-gritty details you absolutely must check during your property tour. Grab your detective hat, and our Ultimate Property Tour Checklist aka Open House Checklist here, and let’s dive into the top 10 things you should be on the lookout for!

Location, Locale, Locality

Neighbourhood Feel

No matter what you call it, Neighbourhood is number 1! First things first, scrutinize the neighbourhood. Is it resonating with the vibe you desire? Whether you’re an urban aficionado or a suburban enthusiast, ensure the area complements your lifestyle. Wander around – are the neighbours amiable? Are the streets pristine? Remember, you’re not just buying a domicile; you’re investing in a community! Have a look – Would you be friends with the neighbours?

Proximity to Conveniences

How close is the nearest grocery store? What about educational institutions, parks, or public transit? You can alter a house, but you can’t shift its locale to your beloved coffee shop!

Structural Solidity

Foundation and Walls

Channel your inner architect! Inspect for cracks in the walls or foundation. Minor hairline cracks might be usual, but substantial ones? That’s a glaring red flag. For more on this check out my Blog Posts on the 10 Things go Avoid When Buying Real Estate. or The 10 Things to Consider When Buying Real Estate.

Roof Condition

Look skyward! A robust roof is crucial. Inquire about the roof’s age and any recent repairs to avoid leaks in your new abode.

Plumbing and Electrical Systems

Water Pressure and Drainage

Turn on taps! How’s the water pressure? Does it drain promptly? A weak shower or a slow-draining sink can be bothersome.

Electrical Panel and Outlets

Examine the electrical panel – is it modern? Test the outlets. Carry a phone charger to check functionality.

HVAC System

Age and Efficiency

The HVAC system is pivotal. Ask about its age and efficiency. An outdated system might lead to high energy bills.

Temperature Distribution

As you walk through the house, note temperature changes. Uneven temperatures might indicate insulation issues or an HVAC system needing maintenance. Use your Ultimate Property Tour Checklist and check out all dials, nobs and appliances to make sure things work properly.

Natural Light and Views

Window Placement

Natural light is essential. Are the windows strategically placed to illuminate the space? Good lighting enhances room ambiance.

Surrounding Landscape

What’s the view? Is it a tranquil backyard or a neighbor’s brick wall? Your daily view should be pleasant.

Space and Layout

Room Dimensions

Size is vital. Are rooms spacious enough for your needs? Envision your furniture in the space. Will it fit?

Flow Between Spaces

How does the house flow? An open concept might appeal to some, while others prefer defined spaces. Ensure the layout fits your lifestyle.

Storage Solutions

Closet Space

Evaluate storage. Are closets ample for your wardrobe, or do you need to declutter before moving in?

Additional Storage Areas

Check for attics, basements, or built-in cabinets. Ample storage is crucial for an organized home.

Outdoor Living Areas

Yard Size and Maintenance

Consider the yard’s size and upkeep. Do you want a large lawn or prefer low-maintenance landscaping?

Patio or Deck Condition

Inspect outdoor living spaces. Are they in good condition? Repairs can be costly.

Noise Levels

Internal Insulation

How’s the internal sound insulation? Can you hear footsteps from upstairs? Good insulation is essential for peace.

External Noise Sources

Listen outside. Is there a busy road or noisy neighbors? Noise levels can vary throughout the day. Is the property near any land that is slated to be developed soon by the city or a developer?

Signs of Pests or Water Damage

Infestation Indicators

Look for signs of pests. Droppings, gnaw marks, or holes indicate problems. You don’t want to share your home with rodents. Check out the outside of the building or home for damage.

Water Stains and Mold

Inspect for water stains on ceilings, walls, or floors. These indicate leaks. A musty smell might suggest mold. Check the ceilings of the inside closets because if there were leaks in the ceiling inside closets, often those fixes are skipped/ overlooked.

Conclusion: Making an Informed Decision

We’ve covered a lot! Remember, touring a property is like a first date – you want to learn all you can about them and make a good impression, but ask the critical questions.  Remember to take your time, request a second showing, and/or bring a trusted friend or professional for a second opinion. Lastly, don’t forget to download my Open House Checklist to take with you!

Your dream home is out there, and with this checklist, you’re ready to find it! Happy house hunting, and may your next property tour lead you to your ideal home!

FAQs About Property Tours

Q: How long should a property tour typically last?
A: A thorough property tour usually takes about 30-45 minutes, but don’t rush if you need more time! Be sure to use your Ultimate Property Checklist.

Q: Should I bring someone with me when touring a property?
A: Absolutely! A second pair of eyes can be invaluable, whether it’s a friend, family member, or a professional home inspector.

Q: Is it okay to take photos during a property tour?
A: Usually, yes, but always ask for permission first. Photos can be great for remembering details later.

Q: Should I visit the property at different times of day?
A: If possible, yes! The neighborhood and noise levels can change dramatically depending on the time of day.

Q: What should I bring with me on a property tour?
A: Bring your Ultimate Property Tour Checklist, a notebook, pen, measuring tape, and your phone (for photos and checking outlet functionality). A checklist like this one wouldn’t hurt either!

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